The role of AI and dental SEO. Is ChatGPT the future of marketing?

It’s safe to say that by now, almost everyone has heard about ChatGPT.

Indeed, thousands of influencers on YouTube and Instagram have been asking this AI chatbot about specialised areas, from medical questions to historical ones. And suffice it to say it is a very clever AI bot!

With AI becoming more widely used in marketing, many people are wondering if this spells the end for marketing and writing teams. We don’t think so!

At Dental Focus, we know that a collaborative approach with AI bots is the best way to boost dental SEO and marketing plans, as well as help with tracking patients’ behaviour and interaction patterns to marketing. So, if you need help with getting your website onto the first page of Google, we (and a few AI bots) are the team you need!

So, how can ChatGPT help us with your dental surgery’s dental SEO? Read on to find out!

Blog creation

OK, so nobody can really replace writers, but when it comes to using ChatGPT, this AI chatbot can help to create interesting blog post ideas and can help with the layout of articles.

Does this mean that it can replace writers in dental SEO and marketing? Well, no. You see, in relation to the most up-to-date methods and trends in marketing, ChatGPT falls behind. By its own admission, it only knows about most information online up to the date of 2021. So, if you are looking for an up-to-date article (like this one!) or up-to-date Google algorithm information (which you will need), it’s important to hire a team of people who can track and use this data correctly to boost your dental surgery’s website!

Website developing

A core part of any SEO plan or marketing is how the website is laid out and presented. After all, you will want the Google bots to be able to crawl the website successfully!

And a core part of any successful dental surgery website is the Chat Bot, which ChatGPT is working on integrating. So, you could soon have a Chat Bot on your website with the power and knowledge of this AI!

But, you will need a trained marketing team to build your website, monitor it and handle the more complex issues that surround managing a website. So, our team at Dental Focus, with nearly 20 years of experience, are the team you need.

Customer service

Another factor that will impact your website’s SEO is the way it handles patients; do those who visit your website get what they are looking for?

AI bots will be able to offer chatbot responses and help with the layout, but for more complex tasks relating to engaging with patients, such as responding to specific messages on Facebook or social media, a professional marketing team is a lot better!

Email campaigns

As mentioned before, AI can be used to explore marketing trends and to assess which marketing tools your target group of patients interact with. So, ChatGPT and a lot of other chatbots and AIs can certainly help with the creation of this content.

But, again, copywriters and designers will be needed to inspect these emails and other marketing tools for repetition and plagiarism, both of which could lower your dental surgery’s appeal and SEO.

So, if you want a marketing team that knows what is needed for the SEO of dental surgeries, call our team at Dental Focus today!