What is needed for successful dental marketing? A guide

If you have just opened your dental practice or have been practising for a while, you will always be looking for ways to attract new patients to your surgery. And, as 2023 approaches, the best way to achieve this is online with marketing.

Successful marketing in the area of dental care requires a combination of online and offline tactics, including SEO, reputation management, content creation, social media marketing and email-based marketing tactics. Additionally, having a well-developed website and an easy-to-navigate booking system will help capture more leads and convert them to patients.

In this article, we explore these areas more to help you understand how we can help you with your marketing campaigns.

At Dental Focus, we have been helping companies online for nearly 20 years with their dental marketing, and we know all the latest tricks of the trade to keep your website at the top of the search engine results pages. This will help to get you noticed and get you more patients. Great!

So, read on to learn more about what it is that we do that can help you with your dental marketing campaign.

SEO management

Search engine optimisation increases the visibility of a website in search engine results, thus making it a core feature of your dental marketing plan. SEO techniques include optimising content, link building, and keyword research, among others, and are used to generate organic search results that are more relevant to users. If your page is not attracting as many new patients as you would like, it may be time to look at your SEO!

Content creation

Content creation for dental websites involves creating content that is both educational and engaging for people searching for information related to dental health and treatments. This could include blog posts on topics related to dental hygiene and care, in-depth guides on common procedures, patient testimonials, and answers to frequently asked questions. This content should be optimised with keywords and phrases to help potential patients find the information they need online and encourage more traffic to the website. Our team at Dental Focus can offer trained SEO writers to oversee this area to help reach more potential patients.

Social media marketing

Social media is an increasingly important marketing tool for dental practices. It is a powerful way to attract new customers, build relationships with existing patients, and strengthen your dental brand. It allows you to connect with potential customers and showcase your team’s value and expertise. You can share useful information through blog articles, videos, and infographics to demonstrate your knowledge and skills.

Social media is a great way to let your existing customers know you appreciate them and build relationships with them.

Email marketing

Email marketing involves using email as a tool to reach a target audience and drive customer engagement. It allows businesses to nurture prospects and customers over time, leveraging personalised email campaigns to generate leads, strengthen customer relationships, drive sales, and increase customer loyalty. It usually involves techniques such as email newsletters, promotional campaigns, announcements, and loyalty programs.