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More magic, less logic?

Friday 26th July 2013

Analytics is mostly about generating stats, but can data alone help you to generate more business online? Certainly, data will allow you to improve your conversion rates and generate more qualified leads by telling you what is and isn’t working across multiple digital channels.

But at the same time, one of our biggest brands (Unilever) is currently changing its numbers-led marketing strategy, in favour of rewarding marketers who are prepared to take risks and back creative ideas. So which route has more potential for the future of dental marketing? We have strong ideas on this.

To see all sides of this argument:



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Smartphone Addiction

Thursday 18th July 2013

New data shows that more than 70 percent of Smartphone owners are addicted to their devices and can’t be away from them (keeping them within 5ft at all times).

Hence the growth in importance of mobile web sites. Please see:


adrian-blogAdrian Adler is “the Wizard” at Dental Focus Web Design.

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Word of Mouth Dental Marketing

Wednesday 8th May 2013

Why telling your patients about your practice website may be the best marketing move you make this year

To be successful in modern dentistry you don’t just need to be a good dentist, but you also need to be a good businessperson as well. With competition for patients more fierce than it’s ever been, you should aim to target your marketing efforts in order to maximise your exposure to the right patients, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

With the internet now such an important feature of many people’s lives, there can be no escaping the need for a well designed, carefully crafted practice website that reflects your business values and the image you want to convey. Indeed an exclusive practice website that’s perfect for you will act as the ‘ultimate shop window’ – one that’s open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and even works for you when you’re not working!

One of the most remarkable things in this age of the internet is that many practice teams don’t ever talk about their website. If you don’t talk about your website then ask yourself, why not? For the most part, the main reason people don’t talk about their website is because they’re not proud of it. If you’re not proud of it then it’s not doing a good job for you, and it’s not reflecting your business adequately. If your website is something you’re not happy with then what are potential patients going to think!

The first step to good marketing then is to invest in a good quality website. This website needs to be exceptional; it needs to be exclusive. It also needs to be accessible to as wide a range of people as possible so needs to be optimised for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. It is also absolutely crucial that the content that appears on your website is of the highest quality. This means your content should be well-written, it should be informative, and it should be specifically tailored to you. After all, why else do people visit websites other than to digest information? The better the quality of information on your website, the longer people will stay on your site, and the higher up the search engine rankings your website will appear!

So once you’ve established yourself an excellent website that you can be proud of, the next thing you need to consider is how you’re going to tell people about it. This is perhaps the single most important thing to consider after setting up the website in the first place, as quite simply if no one knows it exists, then Google won’t rate it very highly, and potential new patients won’t be able to find it very easily.

One effective strategy here is to make sure you tell patients directly about your website. When a patient is happy with the treatment they’ve received from you, why not spend an extra 20, or even 30 seconds of your time just to tell them that if they’re happy with the treatment to post a short testimonial on your website, or even just share your website link on social media. It doesn’t take much for you to do this, and if you do, that’s a remarkable amount of free advertising you’ve just received for your practice. The more people you can get to share your website or talk about your practice online, the more people will search for you and visit your site. The more people who visit, the higher Google will rank you so the spiral will continue to grow.

While you’re spending time building your practice’s profile online, it’s a good idea to think about your social media activity. Can patients ‘check in’ to your practice on Facebook? If not, then it’s worthwhile setting your practice as a location. Of course not all your patients will want to use social media to document their movements online, but those who do will again be providing you with free advertising whenever they come for a check-up. Tie this in with an active social media presence, with regular status updates and Tweets and your practice will be well on the way to growing its online following and will reach far more people than ever before!

A famous advertising campaign once said ‘it’s good to talk’. When it comes to your practice’s marketing strategy, there can be no better advice. To make your practice the biggest success it can be, you really do need to embrace the new online culture, and remember that even the smallest things, such as spending time to remind patients about your website can make a whole world of difference to the exposure you receive. To make the most of your practice’s marketing efforts, use the internet marketing services and experience of Dental Focus ® Web Design. They can guide and support you on the best ways to make your practice an online success.

adrian-blogAdrian Adler is “the Wizard” at Dental Focus Web Design.

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Dental Mobile Websites

Wednesday 6th February 2013

Now is the best time to have a Mobile Website. 

If you can only do one thing to boost your business, we suggest you get a Mobile Website immediately.

Here’s the problem: 

Studying our own Google Analytics across hundreds of dental websites shows that on average 1 in 3 of your website visitors are now using a mobile. We predict this to rise towards 1 in 2 within 12 months.

Morgan Stanley Research also says that by the end of this year, more people will use a mobile device to browse your website than a desktop computer.

Here’s the bigger problem: 

· If a mobile user is not happy with your website, there is a 40% chance they will go visit a competitor.

· If a mobile user has a poor experience on your website, they are 57% less likely to recommend your business to others.

· 60% of mobile users expect your website to load in under 3 seconds.

How do we solve this problem? 

Now is the best time to have a fast-action website just for mobiles. Remember, smartphone users are on-the-go, and have a lower attention span for websites. Your website needs to auto-detect the patient is on a smartphone and then show your specially built mobile website which loads super quick and at the optimised size/resolution with just the right information. If your website is slow and has too much content, patients will want to skip you.

We have the perfect 6-Page Fast Action Mobile Website solution: 

* Home / Welcome
* Appointment Form
* Dentists & Team
* Treatments Menu
* Fees & Offers
* Testimonials

Including “click-to-call” telephone numbers and “click-to-find” addresses linking to Google maps for directions.

Call Alfie now on 07944267445 to get your Mobile Website launched in just 2 weeks.

The Wizard’s Guide to Dental Practice Websites

Monday 17th September 2012

The relaunch of PracticeBox to provide the Do-It-Yourself website solution for both dental practices and individuals seems to have sparked a new wave of website newbies asking the 10 year old question: “Do I need a dental website?” 

With the rise of the internet and the birth of the “internet generation”, most patients will now look online when trying to find a dental practice, rather than the “old” ways of using the phone book or searching magazines.

Given the massive change the internet has brought about in our world, it’s fair to say if you want to market your practice successfully, you really do need to have a practice website. This is because to the savvy dental marketer, a website offers a whole world of possibilities – not only for “putting your practice on the map”, but the Google map.

At its heart, one of the main advantages of a practice website is the value it provides. Websites are without doubt the 21st century’s single most cost-effective means of dental marketing, and offer much better value than printing brochures, hiring PR agencies, or placing ads in the local press. Websites also then have the added advantage that they don’t limit you to a specific potential market. Rather, a good website gives you a practical and effective way to communicate with the widest possible audience, while at the same time targeting groups specific to your own requirements.

Remember, 90% of patients now have computer access. The internet has become the main form of communication for the 21st century. As such a practice website can be a fantastic means for you to communicate with your patients, providing them with the information they need at a time convenient to them. And of course this doesn’t have to be within the normal 9–5:30 office hours most businesses work to. A website can be accessed from almost anywhere – 24/7 – so will always be working for you, even when you’re not!

One of the great strides that has been made in internet marketing over the last few years has been the use of online media to build a rapport with customers (or in dentistry’s case, patients). A practice blog for example can be an excellent way to initiate dialogue about interesting and relevant issues. By stimulating conversation with patients, not only will you encourage patients to engage with important oral health issues, but you will also in turn help to build your practice “brand” as a compassionate and caring service, keen to do the very best for the patients you serve.

From a technical perspective of course, an active and engaging blog can also be a great way of improving natural search results. Regular, quality content is an essential part of generating traffic to your site, and as more people visit your site for longer, you will in turn find your website moving up the search engine rankings.

If you still don’t find yourself persuaded of the benefits of a practice website then consider this: your main dental competitor either has, or will soon have one. Every dental practice across the UK and beyond who has a website or is building one, will gain a clear advantage and point of difference over a practice without one. Remember, a website is a “shop window” for your practice and the services you provide. If a patient with toothache sits at home one evening and searches for their nearest dentist, will they find you? If you don’t have a website, you can be sure the patient will call your competitor first thing in the morning.

Of course while it may be one thing to have a simple website as a “business card” for your practice, the best websites will be rich in content designed to attract potential patients and convert them to your practice. Options you might like to consider for example include testimonial pages that can be in either text of video format. You might also consider space for special offers, as well as a practice blog, information on oral hygiene, contact information, and details on members of the dental team.

In this respect, your website can be anything you want it to be. The possibilities are almost endless, and the quality of the design is only really limited by the experience and expertise of the designers. To help your practice website really stand out ahead of the competition, employing the services of a dedicated website design company can really make a massive difference to the success of your online marketing. Companies such as Dental Focus® Web Design for example can provide you with an exclusive website design that is fully search engine optimised, and compatible with portable browsing devices such as smart phones and tablets.

With so many possibilities, the internet offers a tremendous opportunity to those willing to turn it to their advantage. As a means of marketing to patients, there really is no better option. With a personalised website, designed to fully embody your practice and your “vision”, you can be sure your practice will become an online success.

adrian-blogAdrian Adler is “the Wizard” at Dental Focus Web Design.

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Dental Websites for Googlechondriacs

Wednesday 23rd May 2012

Google Suggest providing results for the most popular searches instantly as you type.

Do your patients suffer from Googlechondria? They could be making themselves anxious by self-diagnosing their dental problems on the Internet. More and more patients are doing that. At Dental Focus Web Design, we suspect that patients are more likely to have Googled, than brushed and flossed, before their dentist appointment.

Apparently it takes 10,000 hours to make an “expert”, definitely more to be a Master, Wizard or Genie. A dentist’s VDP first year covers thousands of these hours, mainly learning just one thing: who really needs treatment and who doesn’t (albeit on the NHS). The Googlechondriac can easily and wildly jump to amateur conclusions on how her toothache needs to be treated or how his orthodontic treatment must be done.

The Web is our modern day library at our fingertips. It’s true that the Internet has made patients more interested in their own teeth, health and aesthetics as well as the finer technical details of treatment. It also keeps dentists on their toes, as otherwise their patients may know more than they do.

Your website and Page 1 rankings allow Googlechondriacs to find you. They will probably be more nervous than they should be by the time they visit your homepage. Do you stand out as the expert who will accurately diagnose new patients in their anxious post-Google state? Do your existing patients know you’re there for them with all the answers or will they feel the need to Google?

Dental marketing is all about understanding patients and having the right call-to-actions so they make contact with you, instead of Google, again and again.

adrian-blogAdrian Adler is “the Wizard” at Dental Focus Web Design.

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Marketing your dental practice: mobile 24/7

Wednesday 27th July 2011

The tide is turning.

A recent poll found that 53 per cent of Britons feel upset when denied access to the internet and that 40 per cent experience loneliness when not able to go online. The internet is a drug, forever making our attention spans shorter. We always want another ‘quick fix’ and to feed ‘the habit’ with more fast information.

Lecture by Matt Brittin, MD of Google UK & Ireland, on making the web "fast and happy".

I recently attended a talk by Matt Brittin, MD of Google UK & Ireland, who spoke about how their greatest priority was to increase the speed of accessibility to information using photo and image recognition for search, speech and audio for search, page download speeds, smart results, auto-translations, intelligent suggestions, etc.

Everyday people now have internet access via smartphones and all sorts of connected personal devices, as well as desktop computers. Google wants the web to be fast and happy.

When a group of people were recently tested by giving up all technology for one full day, some described it as hard as quitting smoking or drinking. One survey participant described it like “having my hand chopped off”.

So how can your dental web design and marketing help to ‘feed this habit’. The answer is by you having an online presence that is offering fast and easily accessible, up-to-date information. Indeed, recent research showed that a business that is present online, is currently growing (on average) at six times the speed of a business that is offline.

Online and mobile is the way forward, witness the fact that younger people found it harder to give up technology, while often the over-40s coped better. The new computer generation is fast becoming ‘all’ people and everyone will soon have been brought up with a computer. So try to make sure your patients, won’t be lonely. When they are not visiting your mobile friendly website, keep them company with E-newsletters, Facebook and Mobile Apps.

Please don’t be like King Canute – who sat on the beach, commanding the tide to not come in. He got his feet wet, of course.  We can’t prevent progress or afford to ignore it.

adrian-blogAdrian Adler is “the Wizard” at Dental Focus Web Design.

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How do I get patients from Facebook?

Friday 10th June 2011

Word-of-mouth is the best marketing tool.

You have already used word-of-mouth to grow your dental practice this far. Now 50% or more of your patients use Facebook everyday, many times a day. Word-of-mouth now happens on a ratio of 1:100, not 1:1. You need all your patients to LIKE and join your Facebook Page so they can talk about you and share your special offers to friends.

If you also want to advertise on the most popular website on the planet (target by gender, age, relationship status, interests and location) then you must make your Facebook adverts link to your Facebook Page (not your website) in order to fully maximise your data capture and thus ROI. The secret is to keep Facebook users on Facebook so you keep them in their comfort zone.

Before setting up a free Facebook Page for your business, you will first need to register/login to a free Personal account. If you want to do-it-yourself, click below:

  1. Register/Login on Facebook
  2. Create your Facebook Page

Which keywords should I target on Google?

Friday 10th June 2011

Over 90% of UK Internet searches are on Google.

You need to be found for all your dental keywords + main location. If you want to grow and expand your catchment then target all your surrounding towns and cities. Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is now so complicated, you need Google Experts, not just SEO Experts, to achieve predictable rankings. There’s no point talking about other search engines (Yahoo, Bing, etc) because there is only Google Page 1, that’s what over 90% of people use and then the other search engines try to emulate Google.

Your Google Expert will estimate search traffic volumes to suggest the most popular keywords and ensure you maximise Return on Investment (ROI) in priority order.

Try the Google Keyword Tool yourself:

  • Enter a word/phrase per line.
  • Tick “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms”.
  • Select only “Advanced options > Locations > United Kingdom”.
  • Enter the anti-spam verification characters.
  • Then Search to find out which keywords get hundreds or thousands of searches each month and which keywords get practically none.

Click here if you want to know more about Google Page 1

Dentist Website Design – Personal Marketing

Thursday 28th October 2010

The best dental website design is always personalised to the dentist concerned. Otherwise it ends up being a ‘me too’ website. You need to show the dental practice, your team, your Unique Selling Points (USPs) and engage with your target patients.

But first you do need to know who you are, how you are perceived and who your patients are. You may think you know this, but often you surprisingly won’t. Please check by conducting regular dental practice surveys, do research and speak to your patients. We recommend using, which has a free basic service for running dental marketing surveys which you can email to patients or have a link to via your dental practice website.

This will then allow your website to engage in the right way with potential patients on a deeper, more emotional and relevant level.

Invisalign invisible braces in London W1 Harley Street Invisalign in London W1 Harley Street

In dental marketing, relevance is crucial. If your website is not relevant to your target patient audience, they will quickly leave your dental website. You need to make your website relevant by:

1) Attractive Design

The right design and branding will have the correct appeal.

2) Credibility

Photos of your professional and capable team are expected. Photos of your smiling patients will prove to patients that you are the expert. Video testimonials will put word of mouth on your website. Hot buttons on your home page can show off special offers and key treatments, this will establish what you’re about within seconds of glancing at your home page.

3) Affordability

Special offers and a transparent fee structure will further reassure website visitors. Patients are looking for evidence of fixed pricing.

4) Contactability

Show your telephone number clearly at the top of every page, feature your address, have an email form and an online appointments facility on your dental practice website. A lot of your visitors will be your own patients simply trying to access your website for basic contact details so make the experience easy for them. These days, patients will be using an iPhone, Blackberry or other smart phone while on the move so make sure your website is compatible.

5) Regular Updates

Make your website have a genuine “Point of Difference” by personalising and individualising it. Personalising your website will minimize the chances of visitors ‘skimming’ it and quickly leaving. Instead, make your website the ‘destination’ dentist website where patients want to keep coming back. Having a blog and updating your website on a weekly, if not daily, basis with your latest special offers, patient smiles and video testimonials will increase your returning visitors and word-of-mouth!

Your website is simply a reflection of your dental marketing strategy. Be different; stand out by standing for something.

Dental Focus Web Design provides empowerment training for blogs so that you know exactly what weekly and daily updates to make. We are experts in Google domination for multiple TOP Page 1 rankings. Get the right team behind you, get empowered by the Masters!

adrian-blogAdrian Adler is “the Wizard” at Dental Focus Web Design.

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